Sanat Sector

Session 2-The Warehouse Problem

In which it all goes to hell

Sambhavi and Tyson-Jrailth report to Usman Hanna what happened at the weapons demonstration while Alexei “Alyosha” Volgin tracks down an epedemiologist and Ace resumes surveillance of the warehouse where the weapon is being held.

Security at the warehouse is a delicate thing, maintained by a careful detente between the interested parties. When Ace stumbles across a murderer, he screams bloody hell and ruins the detente. The warehouse district erupts into a gang war between six different intelligence agencies, with Giddah’s Force for the Prevention of Disquiet and the Maintenance of Security (the “boys in green”) close behind.

Alexei, who had been planning on trying to sneak into the warehouse himself, is first on the scene. He leaves his car a few blocks from the hot zone and sneaks in, when he is interrupted by the PDMS’s sirens and a frantic message from Ace.

Tyson and Sam, who had been putting their heads together, planning on how to interrogate Chanda Najeeb, are also alerted by the text message, and after a detour to grab gear, they head for the scene.

Everyone infiltrates to the warehouse. Along the way, Ace saves Alexei’s life and Alexei picks up a hostage, who turns out to be the murderer Ace ran into earlier. As they try to figure out how to break into the shipping container (triggering a radio transmitter which broadcasts to…who?), they are assaulted first by Ms. Index and two armed guards. Sam puts together a hasty defensive fighting position and she and Ace hold off Index while Alexei steals a boat and Tyson cuts into the shipping container from the side. As they fight, they are interrupted by another party. Ms. Palm and a compatriot charge in and are dispatched by Tyson and Ms. Index. The crew hustles onto the boat with ten cases of an unknown bioweapon, zooms away from two rooftop snipers, gets intercepted by Ilya Ilyavich, dumps Ilya into the water while narrowly avoiding dosing all of Adanti with the bioweapon, and putts over to Samadhikir. They hide everything in Alexei’s lab for now.

Usman makes a pickup of ten bioweapon cases (one with a fake sample), the prisoner Jing, and the stolen boat and slides some credits under the table for a job well (ish) done (ish). Everyone takes a collective breath and tries to figure out what the hell happened.

Total gain: 750 credits each. 2 combat rifles with 11 rounds each. One semiautomatic pistol with 3 rounds left.

Total loss: Ammunition (help me out). Alexei’s car (probably?). Tyson’s hurt.


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