Rust is a narcotic which induces low-grade hallucinations and gentle euphoria in its users. Most experience the hallucinations as rings of color around the outside of their vision which pulse in time to pressure differences and noise.

Most users suck on pressure-formed sticks of rust. As the stick deteriorates in their saliva it can cut their lips, and their brown-red saliva stains their lips and chin as well, leading to a somewhat gruesome aspect in long-term users.

Rust is produced only on Diga, and is a result of carefuly and dangerous manipulation of the planet’s toxic atmosphere. Although it seems a different producer succumbs to accidental exposure overdose every week, the lucrative market drives others to take their place.

Rust is exported from Diga, and has become popular among non-Muslims on Giddah. It has yet to spread much further around the Ring. The importation of it is a sensitive political issue on many worlds, but those with needs find a way to provide.

Rust is also becoming a divisive issue on Diga itself after centuries of widespread use. The followers of the New Frontier Circle have recently taken a hardline stance against the drug, claiming it weakens productivity and deadens the capitalist drive.


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