Diga-0403 is a temperate Ring planet. It’s invasive atmosphere and immiscible biosphere have shaped it since colonization, and it now boasts a population in the millions. The population is overwhelmingly religious, followers of a diverse but unified religion worshipping the sacred acts of buying and selling.

  • Technological Level: 4
  • Atmosphere: Toxic and invasive
  • Temperature: Temperate
  • Biosphere: Immiscible
  • Population: 8,316,000
  • Cultural tags: Rational; cosmopolitan; resigned

Approach and Starport

The massive ruin that is Diga’s original Psi Gate dominates the view of any far traders drilling into the system. Some merchants have tried to set up market footholds in its living quarters, but the cost and difficuly of reparing its Pretech construction make it impractical, and most far traders just proceed to the terrestrial starport outside Huxley. Huxley is a genuine free market, and no Executive maintains order there. Anything can be bought or sold, and anything is, with relish. The concourse resembles a mix between a stock exchange and a meat market, but it is here that far traders with a savvy understanding of the local religion can make a killing.


Diga was founded in the Second Wave of colonization as a joint venture between several organizations who found the labor laws of the Terran Mandate too restrictive. Initially, import and export was all performed by Psi Gate slow ships, and the companies kept a tight hold on food in order to ensure worker compliance. Psions manned the gate and maintained the force bubbles that kept the invasive atmosphere out—except in the dangerous and lucrative rust farms.

After the Scream, a few ingenious engineers found a way to electromagnetically mimic the force signature they had been creating. A high percentage of the population was saved. The engineers centralized their power and founded new companies, now operating as a cartel. They controlled the food supply as well, making exceptionally wise policy choices for those whose training was in bits and circuits.

Over the decades and centuries, the cartel polities drifted apart. Without the slow boats to import and export, Diga’s formidable manufacturing capability turned inward, and gewgaws and luxury items became the order of the day. The entire population remained dedicated to the free market principles on which the colony had been founded, and eventually, buying and selling took on a ritual importance. Now, the latest generations of the Executives, wise as ever, rule as ecclesiarchs, in a sustainable truce brought about by economic entanglement.

With the appearance of the first far traders, Diga’s religious fervor for industry has been reignited. Their most popular export by far is rust, a mild hallucinogen produced through a sensitive and dangerous process involving the planet’s toxic atmosphere. One faction, however, the New Frontier Circle, has heard the pleas of other planetary governments, and believes that rust should not be exported and that its production should be stamped out. Their Executive, Anahita Oshiro, has whipped his people into a fervor against the drug, and maintain their abstinence as a badge of honor. While it has not yet come to blows, the New Frontier Circle has begun exercising their economic weapons, gradually imposing sanctions on those who export rust via the far trade. It is a division as has not been seen on Diga for centuries.


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