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  • Job Generation

    1: Patron and target: 1-3: Locals----Spy; Criminal; Religion/School; Friend; Researcher; Enemy 4-5: Offworlders----Spy; Enemy; Religion/School; Far Trader; Friend; Diplomat 6: Weirdos----Exchange of Light; Maltech Cult; Perimeter sleeper cell; AI; …

  • Timeline

    Day 1: [[:usman-hanna | Usman Hanna]] calls [[:sambhavi | Sambhavi]]. Day 2: The [[Session 1-The Customs Problem | demonstration]] of the bioweapon. Day 2: [[:jibril-al-qina | Jibril al-Qina]] assassinated. Day 2: Kidnapping attempt on Mawlawi [[: …

  • House Rules

    * When is the next ship for Planet A leaving? Xd6-X, where X is the number of hexes between the PCs and Planet A.

  • Ships

    h3. Met * The _Derelict Hammer_, Ticron flagged. Currently on Giddah. * The _Colossal Quickness_, Giddah flagged. Last reported on Karbala Station.