Molly "Blender" Akpehi

Female, young, tall, feels inadequate at anything else, scars all over hands


Leader of a small gang of smugglers and space pirates. To dodge legal ramifications, she actually had to book commercial passage to Giddah under a false name, meaning she’s here without her crew. Maybe that’s why she’s reluctant to leave the spaceport? After all, Anguli Endo is in port now too, and he promised to work her over good next time.

Blender cuts an imposing figure as a captain. She’s tall, wide, and is either laughing her ass off or scowling so dark the lights go out. She’s got scars all over her hands, and not just from brawling. Some are burns, some are deep lacerations that must have severed tendons at one point. Wherever she got them, she’s not telling, but that’s how she got the nickname “Blender.” She laughed when the first guy said it to her face. She shot him in both kneecaps and then the forehead, but she was still laughing.

She’s got a son, Ollie, who is MESsed up.

Molly "Blender" Akpehi

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