Sanat Sector

Session 3-The Riot Situation
In which the Samdhikir is attacked

It is the morning after the warehouse massacre. The news is full of speculation about who was involved and why. Other rumors include: the assassination of Jibril al-Qina and the attempted kidnapping of Mubarak Hassan.

Our heroes fall into bed for a few brief hours of sleep. Alexei and Tyson are at Alexei’s lab. Sam heads to her home. Before he sleeps, Ace goes to see a gunsmith. He buys some ammunition for his new semiautomatic pistol, and makes a discrete inquiry about selling some hot combat rifles.

That afternoon, everyone is pretty much recovered. Tyson’s arm still stings, but everyone else is feeling chipper. Sam makes contact with Matta Khalil, a ridiculously rich merchant who asks her to investigate the disappearance of a ship called the Colossal Quickness which he chartered to Karbala. He offers to foot the expenses for the entire trip if she’ll bring back information about the Quickness, but hints that the Karbalan bazaari might not be too happy with the Quickness or its captain. He also recommends a few private military contractors that may be able to offer freelance security: the Daybreak Sodality and Magnus Enterprises.

Ace meets the gunsmith again, and the smith has friends this time. These friends are wearing green headbands and wristbands and have bleary, tear-streaked eyes. Although they’ve never met Ace, one of them looks at him strangely. Ace recognizes the headbands from two fighters killed in the warehouse massacre just that morning. He continues the deal, however, and ends up selling the weapons for 350 credits. He tips the gunsmith 50c for his trouble.

Alexei wakes and decides to track down some more information about the bioweapon sample. He and Ace put their feelers out, and manage to convince a biotech to leave the door open to a lab late that night. Alexei sneaks in with the sample and analyzes it, narrowly avoiding sending information on the maltech to an unknown government agency. The weapon is a previously unseen virus that follows in the mold of weapons from Ticron. It is fatal to humans in 1-3 days and dead bodies remain a vector. He gets enough information to begin work on a cure, or maybe even an innoculant, but doesn’t have the sensitively-handled biostock necessary to begin production.

Tyson, watching the news, sees that the police have arrested Chanda Najeeb and blame foreign intelligence agencies for fomenting a gang war in the warehouse district. Ace spends some time gambling, and his underworld friends are all a little bewildered by the showdown—it’s called a gang war, but they know all the gangs and don’t know anyone who was there.

The next morning dawns bright and clear, and the party retrieves Alexei’s car, driving to the spaceport to meet with Molly “Blender” Akpehi about delivering her son to Samadhikir. On the way, they pass a Friday prayer that is rapidly turning into a military protest against psychics, foreigners, and foreign psychics. The meeting with Blender is tense for a little bit, and she obviously still doesn’t like Ace, but eventually she agrees to forgive his debt if he and his friends will take Ollie to the academy.

They try, but are interrupted by the protest, which is being led by Rana Isa, who cuts an intimidating figure in her full dress uniform. Ace lets a few shots fly to intimidate the crowd and Tyson’s driving gets them through, but not before they see an enemy of Blender’s whispering to Isa and pointing out their car.

They gun it for Samadhikir, and are about halfway there when their front right tire blows out unexpectedly. Tyson manages to get the car under control and keep it moving down the road, but after a few minutes, a black sedan pulls out of an alley to finish the job. With strategic driving, Tyson manages to keep the sedan at bay. After Ace shoots at the sedan, they return fire with a laser rifle and burn a neat circle in its rear view mirror. As the car begins to fall apart around them, they arrive at Samadhikir to find another protest building around its gate.

They manage to bull through before the car gives out, and are safe for the moment. Alexei takes Ollie to the barricaded children’s dorm and leaves him with an older student while the others observe the protest from the campus’s walls. Ace notices the black sedan is parked in a nearby alley and empty, so he tries to steal it. While he does, the riot escalates and before he can get it started the car is tipped. Tyson goes to try to help him, and together they discover a case in the trunk. Tyson takes it and absconds while Ace escapes from the crowded-in car and joins the protest.

Tyson discovers a sniper rifle in the case and believes he has found the answer to the protest problem. He climbs to a rooftop.

Sam tries to divert the mob’s attention, but her brilliant plan of property destruction fails, and she narrowly avoids an angry man whose car is now on fire. She escapes back into the crowd, where Alexei joins her.

As the session draws to a close, Ace is rioting while trying to avoid the intimidating figures in military uniforms angling toward him. Sam has just tackled Rana Isa and knocked her off a car, hearing a sickening crack. Tyson assembles a sniper rifle in a perfect tactical position. And as the crowd roils at the sight of Isa’s fall, Alexei gets a phone call. “Ollie,” his babysitter says. “I don’t know what happened, but he’s gone, he’s gone.”

Next session will start with Alexei’s attempt to get Sam out of the trouble she’s just caused.

Session 2-The Warehouse Problem
In which it all goes to hell

Sambhavi and Tyson-Jrailth report to Usman Hanna what happened at the weapons demonstration while Alexei “Alyosha” Volgin tracks down an epedemiologist and Ace resumes surveillance of the warehouse where the weapon is being held.

Security at the warehouse is a delicate thing, maintained by a careful detente between the interested parties. When Ace stumbles across a murderer, he screams bloody hell and ruins the detente. The warehouse district erupts into a gang war between six different intelligence agencies, with Giddah’s Force for the Prevention of Disquiet and the Maintenance of Security (the “boys in green”) close behind.

Alexei, who had been planning on trying to sneak into the warehouse himself, is first on the scene. He leaves his car a few blocks from the hot zone and sneaks in, when he is interrupted by the PDMS’s sirens and a frantic message from Ace.

Tyson and Sam, who had been putting their heads together, planning on how to interrogate Chanda Najeeb, are also alerted by the text message, and after a detour to grab gear, they head for the scene.

Everyone infiltrates to the warehouse. Along the way, Ace saves Alexei’s life and Alexei picks up a hostage, who turns out to be the murderer Ace ran into earlier. As they try to figure out how to break into the shipping container (triggering a radio transmitter which broadcasts to…who?), they are assaulted first by Ms. Index and two armed guards. Sam puts together a hasty defensive fighting position and she and Ace hold off Index while Alexei steals a boat and Tyson cuts into the shipping container from the side. As they fight, they are interrupted by another party. Ms. Palm and a compatriot charge in and are dispatched by Tyson and Ms. Index. The crew hustles onto the boat with ten cases of an unknown bioweapon, zooms away from two rooftop snipers, gets intercepted by Ilya Ilyavich, dumps Ilya into the water while narrowly avoiding dosing all of Adanti with the bioweapon, and putts over to Samadhikir. They hide everything in Alexei’s lab for now.

Usman makes a pickup of ten bioweapon cases (one with a fake sample), the prisoner Jing, and the stolen boat and slides some credits under the table for a job well (ish) done (ish). Everyone takes a collective breath and tries to figure out what the hell happened.

Total gain: 750 credits each. 2 combat rifles with 11 rounds each. One semiautomatic pistol with 3 rounds left.

Total loss: Ammunition (help me out). Alexei’s car (probably?). Tyson’s hurt.

Session 1-The Customs Problem
In which we meet Mr. Wrist

Usman Hanna of the Fervent Supplicants of Peace chats Sambhavi up in a cafe that they are both regulars in. Eventually, he pulls her to a private corner to discuss a problem.

“There’s a far trader in from Ticron, the Derelict Hammer” he says. “A package from it was passed through customs by Chanda Najeeb. We know the papers are bad, but we’re not sure what she’s hiding. My bosses don’t think it’s a problem, so I need someone to look into it for me. Could you? The bad papers say it’s some kind of medical equipment.”

She calls Ace, who brings in Alexei. Ace makes some phone calls to dockworkers and makes contact with the guy who offloaded the Hammer. He points Sam and Ace to a warehouse that the customs agent sometimes rents out.

The crew goes to check it out and notice that although the warehouse seems to have average security, there are other parties watching. They decide to stake the place out. Ace takes the first watch while Sam and Alexei go sleep. While sneaking around, he runs into a big Korskiy bruiser, “Ilya Ilyavich”. Ilya assumes he’s watching the warehouse too, and they chat a bit. Ace offers up a game, and they gamble a bit. Ace wins twice, and Ilya offers up double or nothing. Ace asks for a favor in exchange, and when he wins again, asks Ilya to tell him what’s going on. This spooks Ilya, who assumed he was another watcher. Ilya grimaces, crosses his arms, and tells Ace to get lost.

Ace manages to avoid Ilya again until Alexei comes to take his shift. Alexei also meets Ilya and strikes up a conversation with him as a fellow Korskiy. Ilya, perhaps, a bit too loose-lipped, takes Alexei under his wing and tells him that there is something that many dangerous people want in the warehouse—and then proceeds to point out who those dangerous people are.

Meanwhile, Sam wins her way into Vasanta Trevedi‘s heart with homestyle curry, and also meets with Chanda Najeeb, the crooked customs official. Chanda’s racist, but intimates that she can be very discreet, and that Sam should contact the Compass Union for references.

While Alexei waits to hand off the watch to Sam, Usman Hanna contacts Tyson-Jrailth and asks him to poke his head in to see if any muscle is required. Tyson ends up pressganged into meeting with Vasanta almost completely unprepared. Assigned the codename “Mr. Wrist,” he and six other masked individuals (at least one from Dadie) watch Vasanta demonstrate the brutal effectiveness of a Compass Union-branded bioweapon. It is selective in its targeting, and remains contagious for some time after exposure. Tyson gets a little too close to Vasanta, and she threatens him with a spray can until he leaves.

The group reconvenes and plans their next move. Six days, Vasanta said. She’ll be selling the weapon in six days.


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